About Us

Why we made WeShelter


In our home city of New York, the homeless population has skyrocketed in recent years to levels not seen since the Great Depression, and the story is the same in other major cities.

Many feel the urge to help but don't know how best to do it. Giving someone spare change won't help the person get off the street, and calling 311 (as NYC recommends) isn’t always practical.

We wanted to create a new way for people to make a meaningful difference, even if they had little time...

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Our Mission

Put simply, WeShelter's mission is to use mobile technology to allow everyone to contribute to ending homelessness.

WeShelter Solutions Inc. is a registered corporation in the State of New York and a 501(c)3 with the IRS.

Our Team

Ken Manning

Ken is a pioneering tech executive specializing in product innovation and marketing. He helped to start Razorfish in SF, eMachines, Acer Online, and Soundtracker and has led teams in end-to-end product creation on more than a hundred large projects for companies that include eBay, Intel, McKinsey, Cisco, Global Fund, W.H.O. and others. Ken studied philosophy and history at Marquette, biological sciences at Columbia, and has an MBA from Rensselaer. He has appeared on network television and at conferences to discuss technology and product design.

Ilya Lyashevsky

Ilya is getting his doctorate in Cognitive Studies at Columbia Teachers College. He also writes fiction. Prior to co-founding WeShelter he was Director of Mobile Development at Broadcastr and SPUN. He also co-founded Good To Know, Inc. which created Storied, an educational suite of software aimed at helping students learn vocabulary by reading original stories. He headed mobile development at Electric Literature, and created mobile apps for such organizations as Human Rights Watch and the Kenyon Review. Ilya received a BS and MS in computer science, as well as a minor in creative writing, from Stanford University.

Robb Chen-Ware

Robb is an experienced product manager and leads product design for WeShelter. He is currently Head of Accounts at HappyFunCorp, a design and development house in DUMBO, building iOS apps and websites for startups and large corporations alike. Prior to HFC, he was Project & Product Manager at Broadcastr where he worked on the App Store-featured app SPUN, a location-aware newsreader.