Become a Sponsor

Businesses looking to make an impact, take notice.

WeShelter sponsorships are unlocked only when viewed by WeShelter users, and the sponsorships are tax-deductable. As a WeShelter sponsor, you will be helping the community and increasing citizen engagement with homelessness, while strengthening your brand.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsor Benefits

  • Highlight your organization’s commitment to social good by giving clients and employees a simple way to make an impact
  • By directly sponsoring repeat acts of good will, create powerful positive associations with your brand
  • Enjoy no-charge branding click-throughs
  • Access an urban millennial demographic that cares about social issues
  • Target local users
  • Make no upfront sponsorship payments
  • With our incremental funding model, fund only as much as gets unlocked by user interactions each month
  • Take advantage of a low sponsorship buy-in minimum
  • Set monthly sponsorship limits
  • Receive detailed user interaction reports
  • Giving to WeShelter is tax-deductible