What is WeShelter for?

The short answer is that WeShelter is for turning a person's impulse to help someone who may be homeless into action. Here's an explanation on why we started WeShelter, and here's how it works.

Should I only use WeShelter when I see someone who might be homeless?

Glad you asked. Seeing someone in need is the perfect opportunity to use WeShelter, and doing so will actually be helping outreach teams get direct assistance to the homeless. But you can use WeShelter at any time! When you tap the big green button, you will have the chance to indicate whether you tapped because you saw someone in need of help or just because you're a lovely person. So feel free to tap away whenever the spirit moves you! You'll be raising more money for housing each time you do.

How much money is unlocked each time I tap?

Good question. The exact amount unlocked by a tap may vary depending on the availability of funds and the agreements with sponsors, however it will usually be around 5 cents per tap. Want to unlock more money? Share to social networks from the app when you see the multiplier message, and unlock up to 5X times as much as a single tap!

I would rather give money directly to someone who asks me. Why should I use WeShelter?

Any money you raise with WeShelter will go towards helping people who are homeless get housing and services. Additionally, using WeShelter will be helping outreach teams get assistance to the homeless. Giving money directly may still be beneficial to that person, however. The good news is, using WeShelter is free and takes less time than sending a text, so whatever other action you may choose to take on seeing someone in need, you can still use the app to help end homelessness.

How does WeShelter help outreach teams get direct assistance to the homeless?

WeShelter collects location data which can be used to provide real-time mapping of areas where outreach teams are most needed, allowing the teams to better prioritize their resources and assist more street homeless individuals. This technology is still in the development and testing phase, and it's ultimate success will depend on how many people are using WeShelter on a regular basis. So what are you waiting for? Download the app, and start tapping!

What is a homeless outreach request, and how does it fit in with WeShelter?

Homeless outreach requests are a service provided by 311 and New York City's Department of Homeless Services, which contracts with local homeless service organizations to fulfill the requests. When a request is made, an outreach team will attempt to locate the homeless individual and provide them with assistance. WeShelter encourages members to make use of the service, and enables them to call 311 directly from the app. Requests can also be made by using the 311 mobile app.

Is WeShelter a non-profit organization?

WeShelter Solutions, Inc is registered as a 501c3 organization with the IRS. Our intention is to create a self-sustaining technology platform to help address the homelessness issue, not to enrich ourselves.

How much of the money it raises does WeShelter keep?

Our goal is to pass 90% of what we raise to homeless service organizations, while keeping 10% for operational costs. To achieve this we rely primarily on volunteer support to run WeShelter. Want to help out? Get in touch!