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Prolific Interactive

Special thanks to Prolific Interactive for its generosity in the form of wonderful engineers, strategists, and UX designers. No one else has stepped up to the plate to help out WeShelter quite as much, and we can't thank them enough.

Paul Miard

iOS Dev & Evangelist

Irene Duke

Android Development

Vincent Huang

Android Development

Fanilo Gabaud

Android Development

Erick Chang

Android Development

John Hogan

Android Development

Scott Harris

UX Design

Bettina Enriquez

UX Design

David Reyneke

Product Analyst

Good vs Evil

Alex Olmstead

Strategy & Marketing

Mark Fleming

Strategy & Business Development

Individual Volunteers

Mildred Shao

Biz Dev & Marketing

Guyang Chen-Ware


Michael Lavigne

Strategy & Messaging

Kyle Rogers

Strategy & Messaging

Deepika Sharma

Strategy & Messaging

Tom Quinn


Ian Collins

Research & Outreach

David Greenwood

iOS Development


Dan Chiu


Gary Belsky

Elland Road Partners

Bill Cromie

Blue Ridge Labs

Stan Bratskeir

Blue Wolf Communications

Jason Wu

The Giving Initiative

Ben Schippers